About us and Terms of Use

Company Name- Pomento Memento (Pomento)

Meaning- Superior remembrance

Operation area- E-commerce, Content, and Services Marketplace. Also, deal with IT Services.

Do you have any talent or skill?

Join us to earn recognition, satisfaction & money.

Earn & grow by joining us as-

1.Business owner

2. E-retailer

3. Content Creator

4. Skilled professional/Freelancer

5. Affiliate partner

6. Photo Seller

(i) How does Pomento E-commerce Works?

The vision behind the project is to empower the people to grow their full potential by offering their goods, content, and services to the world. The E-commerce segment of the site is to empower the people especially from rural/tribal areas to sell their products worldwide. The following are a few terminologies used. We don’t charge any commission from sellers.

Product: Any legally permissible product available on sale on https://pomento.in

Business Owner: A registered user who offers her/his products for sale on our website. One can join it on the link.

Buyers: A registered/unregistered user who is able to purchase products on Pomento E-commerce

Order: When a buyer requests a product after payment it’s called an order.

Photography Services: We provide a different kind of photo designing, printing, and framing services worldwide.

Our signature categories: Customized giftsfashion jewelryPhoto Collages, and clothing along with other e-commerce categories.

Submit Requirement: The option to ask for any peculiar requirement related to any product, content or service. We will help you to get it through our global network.

Affiliate Partner: Affiliate partner earns a 10 % commission for the sale of every Pomento branded product referred by her/him. Affiliate rates can differ in the case of other business owners but Pomento branded product gives a fixed 10 % commission to the affiliate partner. Anyone can apply for it on this link. 

(ii) How does Pomento Freelancers work?

Pomento Freelancers is a global online marketplace offering a platform to connect services providers and service seekers. Pomento means a superior souvenir. It is a part of Pomento which provides Multi-vendor E-commerce and written content magnetizer platforms as well. The Services segment of the site is primarily for freelancers to offer services to customers on a global scale. Following are few terminologies used

Job: A dedicated link on the webpage where service offered on Pomento Services website by the seller.

Seller: A registered user who offers has a job on Pomento Freelancers displaying the kind of services she/he provides. The Freelancer or the company (people doing the work)

Buyer: A registered user who is able to purchase work on Pomento Freelancers. The Employer (the person hiring the Freelancer)

Order: When a buyer requests a work after payment it’s called an order.

Post a Request: The option for a registered buyer to submit a request for services. For example, a buyer can post a request for an online yoga class by writing “Looking for yoga instructor”, “create a website” etc..

The service is offered by the Seller (freelancer/company), and bought by the buyer (employer) Before you are able to buy or sell anything you must first sign up.

Signing Up

Signing up to Pomento Freelancers is free. After successfully signing up from the link. gets a password in his/her registered e-mail ID.


Are able to browse the homepage and category pages, or use the search to find the relevant job to explore services they wish to purchase. It is important as the buyer to read through the description of the services offered and if available the seller’s work samples. When a buyer is wp-signup.php to make a purchase, it is time to proceed to checkout. The buyer can use a PayPal account or any debit/credit for the payment. An Indian buyer buying service from Indian buyers can only pay in Indian Rupees. Otherwise, US Dollar or other currencies can be used. All purchases are subject to zero additional fees for abroad buyers. You need to pay applicable government taxes and payment gateway charges.


Buyers pay Pomento Freelancers for orders in the advance. Sellers keep all money except PayPal Commission amount of each service they sell and successfully complete and deliver. Pomento Freelancers credit the amount to sellers once an order is completed.

(iii) How does Pomento Content Portal work?

The vision behind this segment is to honor the content creating talents across the globe and give them a platform to showcase their creativity to the world along with the promotion of their books and links.

Every customized product made using the text of an author will provide a 10 % commission to the author from the sale price of the product. Transparent live status of the commission will be displayed via google form link accessible to all approved authors.

Along with this 100 % revenue shall be given to the author earned from the advertisement of his/her post.

Joining is as per the membership plans. However, we can consider free content creator membership if your unique content is of exceptionally high quality. To apply for the free membership e-mail your unique content (at least 10 in numbers) on [email protected]. Currently, we encourage poetry and story writers to apply for free membership. 

Posting the written material of others, choosing the wrong post category/language, or posting irrelevant/malicious/sexual content will lead to the termination of the Pomento Content Creator membership. You can post only new articles. If you want to add your content to existing content then you can contact us on given contact details.

For frequently used asked questions- Click here

For query- Whatapp on https://wa.me/919729506681

or e-mail on [email protected]

Address- pomento.in, C/O Raj General Store, House No. 120/1, Block No. 4, Agorha Mor, Hisar, Haryana, India-125047

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